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Tour de Fleece Day 5 and some WIPs

on July 4, 2012


Even though I didn’t share with everyone my progress for the past two days I still had some! I have not given up on the Tour! I’ve been averaging about 1/2 an ounce a night in about 2 hours on my spindle! Because I’m spinning Cormo it tends to want to be spun pretty fine, and it’s fairly sticky fiber because there is still some lanolin in it I think that’s why I’m not getting quite as much done as I would like. Nevertheless I’m still happy with my progress and I’m still loving this fiber! Enough of the same ‘ol same ‘ol…

I have a couple different projects in the works, but the one I really want to share is my Lalou by Rosemary Hill. This pattern was from the November 2010 Twist Collective and features a beaded lace bottom and sleeve and is finished with a beaded cowl neckline. It’s beautiful! Let me share a little story with you. I started this sweater in October 2011! I’m using Madelinetosh lace in the Baltic color way and the pattern called for US size 6 needles.

Now I know that one should swatch before starting a sweater especially a beaded sweater in lace weight! And the ever so brilliant Rosemary Hill even puts a note in the gauge description onthe pattern that says “To save time and ensure accurate sizing, check gauge.” So you know of course that I checked my gauge right, right? WRONG! Of course I didn’t do this very simple and very quick thing to ensure their would be no major issues with my plan that even the designer herself reminded me to do! No instead I started knitting away beads and all. Thinking to myself the whole time this looked a little snug, but (famous phrase) “it’ll block out”. I got about 5 rows from the start of the neckline and you guessed it ran out of yarn!

After some unladylike phrases escaped me I promptly tried the sweater on and sure enough it was super tight! No worries though that should, you guessed it, “block out.” after much fiddling and pulling and stretching I finally checked my gauge. Well unsurprisingly I was no where near gauge!

I let the sweater sit in time out for about two days while I scowled at it every time I walked past because of course my knitting must be conspiring against me; this was in now way my fault right?! Well I decided to bite the bullet and ripped out the ENTIRE sweater beads and all! Then I swatched as you are supposed to before staring a large project. Well I found I needed to go up 2 needle sizes. I cast on again and knit maybe 2 inches then put it in hibernation for about 8 months.

I pulled this project out again yesterday as a possible project for the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup(HPKCHC) Muggle studies class. I’m a “not quite first year” (NQFY) as I missed sorting this term but I’m trying to get into the habit of participating. I thought this was good motivation to finish this piece. It needs to be done by the end of July for credit and I would really like to have this off the needles by then anyway. Well I’m off to keep knitting and spinning what are you doing on this American holiday?!



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