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Tour de Fleece Day 1

on June 30, 2012

How has everyone been?! It has been far to long and I have been far to busy. I thought I would post some updates and what I’m on to next. I finally finished my general education work toward my BA in May! It has taken me far to long and I was in and out of school for many years, but it finally paid off and by paid off I mean I was accepted to University of Illinois!! This means I’m taking a much needed summer off and then it’s back to work at the end of August.

So until then….

I’m participating in the Tour de Fleece for the first time with Team Sasquatch! I had decided a few months ago that I would join in the Knitmore Girls SPAKAL (spin along knit along). Now, I am a spindle spinner and a new one at that, but I figured what better way to learn than to do a large project right?! After the spinning I will be knitting the lovely Eadon designed by Susan IC and was premiered in the Fall 2011 Twist Collective.

Well I purchased my raw cormo fleece from Blue Mountain Handcrafts. These fleece was fairly clean and it is lovely. Their customer service was fantastic and I will definitely be shopping with them again. After receiving my fleece I decided to process it myself because, you know, why not?

I did A LOT of research and in order to keep the integrity of the locks I pulled individual locks, laid them out on bridal tulle, and made little rolls. These fleece rolls were then placed in the washing machine in cold water and dawn and left to soak for about an hour. I then rinsed them twice and left them out to dry. This was easy enough but it was quite time consuming. Once the locks were dry I flick carded each lock with a very high tech tool, a dog brush, in preparation for spinning.


Raw Cormo Fleece lovely crimp!


This is how I laid out the Cormo on tulle for washing.


This is after being flick carded.

This is a very quick run down of a very time consuming process, but I really enjoyed it so far and I’m learning a lot!

I know you’re wondering so what are my goals for the Tour? I really wanted to set a weight goal, but I didn’t want to set myself up for failure and I’m not sure how long it takes me to spin an ounce or so. Therefore I decided to set myself a time goal. I’m aiming to spin at least 30 minutes a day. This photo is on a cheap spindle I purchased on eBay I know nothing about it. I have since switched to using my Schacht Hi-Lo Spindle which I love!


This was a little of the fiber spun up.

Well I’m off to do my spinning for the day! What are your Tour goals?


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