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Oh the Joys of Holiday Knitting

on December 29, 2011

With the holiday’s upon us many knitters have been working away on gift projects, but longing for the projects they either abandoned at the start of the holidays or are itching to start once all of the gifts are off the needles. The good news is the end is in sight! With only days left of the holiday season many of us are finally starting to emerge from our sea of gifts and getting the chance to finally take a breath.

Every year I say I will make fewer gifts and only give hand knits to those who truly appreciate them, but that never seems to happen. This year was no different and shortening my gifting list is never easy.  So my advice to you is knit patterns you want to try but are unsure you would like for yourself. This may not be the perfect time to try that extremely intricate fair isle pattern if you’ve never knit fair isle, but if you want to try a new cable or hat style you’ve never worn this is an excellent opportunity.

I know many of us are still finishing up gifts that we wrapped half-knit or gave an IOU. So after we all finish our holiday knitting what are you setting you sights on for the New Year? As for me my goal this year is to release a new design per month!

As always I set my sights quite high and always have a hard time achieving my goals or keeping my resolutions, but I think that making your goal achievable is key. This year I am scheduling around my goals and my husband and customers are keeping me accountable. How are you staying on track with your New Year resolutions or crafting goals?



One response to “Oh the Joys of Holiday Knitting

  1. karen says:

    im so glad ive finished my gifts and can now do what i really want to do !! will get back to my ripple blanket now. thanks for joining in thursdays thoughts. xx

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