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Please, let me be socks!!

on September 8, 2011

While there has been a lot of designing going on over here I have also had small amounts of time to work on a personal project. I was looking for something more or less mindless to give my overwhelmed brain a break!

A little over a year ago I found this adorable sweater at Lovelyarns along with a skein of Snallygaster Fibers Lindy Hop Sock yarn. Both these finds were fantastic it was love at first sight. Here’s the problem though I thought the pattern would look pretty good in this particular yarn. The pattern I chose was Sidelines baby cardigan by Mossway Yarns and Design. This pattern was knit in garter stitch from side to side using short row shaping. Now let me start this story by telling you if you are unfamiliar with this particular yarn it is a self striping yarn in hot colors you know neon pink, bright purple, and so on. I walked out of the store very happy at this point my daughter was only 3 months old and we were in a new city. I had not knit since before she was born and just the thought of having something on my needles was enough to make me run through the streets singing Halleluiah!

So I got home and knit this adorable little sweater in this adorable yarn. I finally had my hands in the fiber again and I was quite content. It was also the first item that I had knit for my darling daughter. I finished up the sweater which is a fairly easy knit with and interesting side to side construction. It had short row shaping for the yoke and an I-Cord tie for the closure. After blocking I was so excited to get this on the little one and here was the result:


Now in my opinion babies often look adorable in anything, but this just did not turn out how I was hoping. I guess I wasn’t anticipating how the garter stitch would affect the the self striping yarn, but I figured it would be ok and she wouldn’t know the difference. Needless to say I was unhappy with it and baby girl never wore it out of the house.

I let this sad sweater sit there and every once in awhile I’d look at it and think I should really rip that out and knit some socks with it. Finally over a year later when I was needing a break from some difficult patterns I decided to do just that. I ripped out the poor sweater and just knit some very simple stockinette socks and the yarn just eased into these great stripped ankle length socks. Although they were nothing super difficult they were a fabulous break and a nice quick knit for myself! Here is the result:

I was very happy with the result and this fun yarn is much happier on my feet then it was sitting in a closet not being worn. Finally because I hate have random scraps of fun yarn lying around I did a fun little knit for my daughter. This yarn was originally supposed to be for her so I thought it was only fitting that she get something out of it that she wasn’t going to grow out of quickly and that she would really enjoy.

I decided to knit a fun little pattern by Susan B. Anderson called Elefante. This was such an easy knit. The pattern does call for a worsted weight yarn and different colors to create the striping. Now I did have quite a bit of yarn left over so I just used the fingering weight yarn and knit to the size indicated. I highly recommend this fun pattern. It was very quick and my daughter loves the finished product. Here is the finished result:






It’s a small little toy but great for cuddling! My daughter has recently started full time daycare as I have started going back to school and this has become her daycare toy. It has a little more love in it then a regular stuffed animal and it was something special from mom.

The transition into full time knitting, design, and school has been interesting, but I’m so excited to get this opportunity and I can’t wait to share some more of the things that have been going on around the studio! Enjoy your knitting and fiber arts!


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