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And the Waiting Begins…

on July 22, 2011

I have been a knitter for only a few years, but I have always been a crafter and have always loved working with my hands. Those of you who know me know that I love to try to be unique and “fashion forward.” I have always wanted to be a fashion designer, but traditional yardage fabric never seemed to be my true medium. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was very young and I was always fascinated by it, but it was not until I taught myself to knit about 5 years ago that I felt I found my true medium. I am the type of person that walks through the bedding or bath isle at the department stores and has to touch every individual towel or sheet. It’s true, it’s sad, and it makes my husband CRAZY! The magnetic pull I feel to fiber is not at all surprising. The texture that different fibers create is so intriguing and again fascinating to me. When I knew I had found my medium with fiber I also knew this is what I wanted to create with. This is what I needed to design with.

It has been a slow process since I first picked up my needles. I was determined to learn as much as I could as fast as I could, but I am still constantly learning new techniques and styles. I spent the first few years trying to perfect my fabric. Learning to get the right tension, how different stitches affected the fabric, and how colorwork can add so much life into the fabric. The past year or so is when I finally tried on my designing hat and I have been dipping my toes in to get comfortable. Until the past couple of weeks.

I finally decided to jump into the deep end. I sent in my very first design submission to Knitscene magazine. The issue isn’t until next summer so the waiting has begun! I hear that the turn around time is not quick and I am an extremely impatient person. So I figure if nothing else this will be a learning experience for me. It has already taught me about the in depth process of design as well as teaching me to learn when things are out of my hands. I need to learn to let go, wait, and see what happens.

I also had the opportunity  to work with a new yarn which is always like a mini vacation for me! For my submission I swatched my project in Mirasol Sawya and Wach’i. This yarn was fantastic to work with! They are Cotton blends which I am not often excited to work with because it can be extremely rough on the hands and it’s just not my favorite, but Sawya is a Cotton/ Alpaca/ Silk blend and was a dream. It has the best qualities of all three fibers and it was extremely soft! Wach’i is a Cotton/ Silk blend and was also extremely soft. The tight twist in both of these yarns gave a great stitch definition and work up on a size US #6-8 needle. I will definitely be working with this yarn again since I have an additional skein I purchased in pink that I’m sure will become something fun for darling daughter!

As for the rest of the week I have a few more submissions I’m working on, but I also have my best friend and my family coming to see us here in San Diego! It has been almost a year since we have last seen them and we are so excited to have them come! Our weekend and next week will be filled with fun sight seeing, the beach and best of all Disneyland! Can’t wait! Well I’m off to pick up best friend from the airport I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and keep those knitting needles clicking, but don’t forget to stop and enjoy your family and friends as well!


2 responses to “And the Waiting Begins…

  1. Best of luck with the design. Waiting can be hard but think of all the new things you can learn by then. Best of luck and hope you enjoy time with your friend.

  2. […] I stated in my last post I started designing because I love the textures and satisfaction that comes with knitting. I also […]

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