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Adobe Illustrator and the reason I want to love it…

on July 17, 2011

With submission deadlines looming I feel far less productive than I should, but I’m slowly accomplishing things. I have decided that I need to learn some new skills for these submissions. Hey why not wait till the last minute to learn how to draw a schematic in Adobe Illustrator? Oh I know because it’s more frustrating and time consuming than I thought possible! I know that once I get the hang of this program it will take so much time off my designing and planning, but until then it’s taking me 2 hours to figure out how the curve tool works! UGH! I’m just glad for wonderful people like Marnie MacLean! Her fabulous blog and amazingly detailed tutorials are the only thing that has gotten me through! So I really want to say thank you to her! She has beautiful patterns as well and I highly recommend that you check them out! I especially love her children’s monsters!

All of the frustration and learning of Illustrator prompted a short break from my submission work to write a quick, fun, and versatile pattern. Inspired by a fun outfit my daughter was wearing and having now blue and white ribbon bows on hand for the day I decided it was time I knit a bow. I have been thinking about doing a simple bow for awhile now and here is the result! To purchase the pattern for Zoey’s Big Bow or for a custom bow check it out on Etsy!

Darling Daughter was not happy about having to sit still for photos and I’m so excited to announce I have found a photographer who has offered to shoot my products! Now that I’m hoping to have designs come out more frequently it will be nice to have them showcased professionally. Anyone looking for a great photographer in the 29 Palms Joshua Tree Area check out Mellissa from DownInTheForest Photography. I look forward to working with her she has some beautiful work!

One other things I wanted to mention is my new favorite pattern and my next project!

Ruth Garcia-Alcantud from Rock and Purl Designs created this beautiful sweater!




The pattern Chambourcin is available now on her blog or on ravelry! I still haven’t decided what yarn I’m going to use, but I hope to cast this on with in the next couple of weeks! After I’ve turned in my submissions of course! The beautiful lace construction of this sweater I think will make a great transition piece from summer to fall here in Southern Cali. I really look forward to working this pattern and can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Well I’m off to work on those submissions and retackle Illustrator! Enjoy your day everyone!









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