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New Year!!!

on December 29, 2010

I’ve been MIA for awhile now due to the holidays and all the craziness that surrounds them. Our family greatly enjoyed Christmas as it was Zoey‘s first one! We’ve been playing with all our new toys and really trying to enjoy our time together. We are so excited to have our friends come in about a week and there’s been a lot of preparation for their visit.

Now that it’s over I find I have time to think again. Every year many of us make New Year’s resolutions that we have the best intentions on following. We say this is the year we will….. (fill in the blank as appropriate). Why is it that many of us have such a hard time following through? Do our wants and needs change? Do we just have a hard time breaking old habits? Do we not have enough support? I think for many of us it’s a combination of all of these, but the biggest one is not enough support or at least not enough accountability.

Many of us don’t have the self-discipline it takes to hold ourselves accountable for anything let alone a life change. Our best intentions fly out the window as soon as we feel things becoming difficult or uncomfortable. This is where we need that additional support. Find someone who will hold you accountable who can be your “resolution partner.” Don’t forget it’s not a one sided street either. You have to hold them accountable as well. Help each other to make the changes you want and don’t forget to reward yourself for the small milestones you reach! Life changes are not always about the big picture and it’s often necessary to adjust our goals, and that’s OK. The important part is to still pursue those goals not just set them and forget them.

I though I would share my New Year’s resolution with all of you. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not only the biggest procrastinator, but I have terrible follow through on all of my ideas, goals, and projects. I need more than one partner to keep me accountable so that’s why I thought I’d leave it up to all of you! After being completely inspired by a recent blog I read: a new dress a day on $365! I decided to do something similar. Not quite the same because that was quite a task she accomplished and I don’t know that I’d be able to contain my budget well enough. So I decided to go with an item a day for the next year. This gives me a little more free reign. I’m looking to work on my Yoga wear which I recently started and some lingerie. I might mix some baby clothes in for good measure, but most likely I’ll stick to the two categories I mentioned above. I’ll be documenting it all materials, pictures, prices, tears, laughter, etc. I’m determined this year to find my “style” my brand. So that’s what you will all be a part of helping me find … well me.

Just remember your New Years resolution doesn’t have to be a big life change it can be anything. Is this the year you’ll:  learn to cook? go skydiving? finally travel to Europe? learn to Salsa? Think it through and make it happen! Make it something fun that you’ll want to follow through with. If your resolution is lose weight or get into shape take it a step further. You want to lose 10 lbs. by taking that new Zumba class at the gym. Don’t forget about your resolution partner! This will be the year you succeed! Well I have two days to get some fabrics, ideas, and a plan and I’ll see all of you back here on Saturday January 1, 2011 for my first piece!!


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