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Everything Itty Bitty

on November 19, 2010

As I’ve said having a little one around can be very inspirational! I have been on an 80’s inspired kick for myself lately. You know legwarmers, side ponytails, drop shoulder sweatshirts, etc. Well I thought what could be cuter than a itty bitty version. Now I’ve seen baby leg warmers done before, but I thought I’d add my own little twist to it literally. I love cables and I love chunky so when you put all of these aspects together here’s what you get..


After taking these pictures I got the inspiration to do matching Santa hats so next weeks show and tell will be those Santa hats. Now I know what you’re thinking it’s not even Thanksgiving and isn’t it to early to be doing Christmas designs (at least that’s what I was thinking). Although walking through the stores and the cool weather here in sunny San Diego has prompted me otherwise. Next week is black Friday after all!! So for these designs and more visit: http://www.aequintan08.etsy.com. And have a fabulous weekend!


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